Electric Car Jack, 5 Ton (11023 LBS) 12V Hydraulic Car Jack

Electric Car Jack

Electric Car Jack, 5 Ton (11023 LBS) 12V Hydraulic Car Jack Kit with Max.480Nm Electric Impact Wrench, Built-in Inflatable Pump, Electric Jack for Car SUV MPV Sedan Truck Change Tires Garage Repair

  • Powerful Electric Jack for Car : This electric car jack, driven by hydraulic power, is capable of supporting vehicles ranging from 3 to 5 tons. It can lift vehicles up to 3 tons within 45 seconds and vehicles up to 5 tons within 2 minutes, reaching their maximum height. With a lifting range of 6.1-17.7 inches (155-450mm), electric car jack allows for quick vehicle maintenance in emergency situations, catering to all types of cars, sedans, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles.
  • Dual Charging Modes: Our hydraulic car jack offers two power supply options: a 12V cigarette lighter and car battery, equipped with a 3.5m power cord and 2*15A fuses. No need to worry about the power consumption of the car jack. We provide battery clamps for car battery-powered operation, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual operations. Anyone can easily lift their vehicle out of trouble. Compared to manual jacks, the electric jack is a boon for those troubled by arthritis.
  • Efficient Tire Replacement: Electric car jack included electric impact wrench boasts a maximum torque of 480Nm, (include two sockets, giving you a 17mm-19mm, 21mm-23mm), making it a powerful tool for effortlessly screwing and unscrewing nuts. matching a wide range of vehicles in the market. Tighten or loosen your tires in the shortest time possible.
  • Fast Tire Inflation: The electric hydraulic car jack is equipped with a tire inflation pump (Max.150PSI), so there is no need to worry about the emergency of tire rupture in remote places. Hidden toolboxes on both sides store the inflation tubes and inflation needles in an orderly manner to quickly inflate the tires. The tire inflator is mounted inside a floor jack and features a tire pressure monitor so you can easily monitor your tire pressure
  • Multi-functional Design: This portable car jack features LED lights to help locate the lifting area and illuminate your working environment, even in pitch-dark midnight. Whether in your home garage, on a road trip, at a car repair shop, on a farm, or during a midway emergency, this kit is truly versatile.
  • Versatile Applications: The electric jack is commonly used for emergency roadside assistance, camping, and travel. With the 480Nm wrench, it's perfect for regular tire changes, making it the top choice for DIY mechanics involved in automotive repairs. electric car jack also serves as a practical and thoughtful gift for family and friends on occasions like Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and more.
  • After-Sales Service: Dear customer, please note that the electric floor car jack must be used on a flat surface. Operating temperature range is -15 to 50 ℃(5 to 122 ℉), If you encounter any issues during use, you can contact us through the customer service email provided in the user manual. We offer a 1-year repair service.

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Weight: 18.02 pounds
Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Brand: olmlmo
Model: Electric Car Jack-A
Colour: Orange
Manufacture: olmlmo
Colour: Orange
Origin: China

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