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Electric PTO Clutch Replacement New for Ariens Gravely

Electric PTO Clutch Replacement New for Ariens Gravely 4387900

Electric PTO Clutch Replacement New for Ariens Gravely 4387900, Husqvarna EZ 4220 4624 4822 4824, 587241601 400008 532400008, Craftsman 179334 414336 532179334, AYP Poulan Ogura Xtreme GT1A-EH07 15772

  • [Replaces Part Numbers] Ariens 4387900, Gravely 4387900, Husqvarna 587241601, 179334, 400008, 414336, 471717P, 532179334, 532400008, 532414336, Craftsman 179334, 400008, 414336, 471717P, 532179334
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Weight: 10.49 pounds
Dimensions: 9.02 x 8.5 x 5.59 inches
Model: B18978PC
Manufacture: BDELI
Origin: China

Product Description

BDELI – Better Deliver, Better Deal

Starter BDELI Auto Parts

NOTE: Please check fitment information before purchase


Product Type PTO Clutch
Torque (ft. lbs) 120
Pulley OD (in) 6.10
Crankshaft OD (in) 1
Compatible Brand Husqvarna
Other Numbers 532414336 532179334

Fits The Following OEM Models:

  • Husqvarna – 143 R II, 2146XLS, 223 L, 2246LS, 2346XLS, 2348LS, 323 S25 Backpack Sprayer, 556, CTH164T, CTH174, CTH184T, CTH194, CTH204T, CTH2138R, CTH224T, CTH224TFI, CTH2642, CTH2642TR, EZ17, EZ21, EZ24T, EZ4220, EZ4624, EZ4822, EZ4824, EZ4824C, EZ4824TF, EZ5224, EZ5226, GTH2548 XP, HU700HW, LGTH22V48, LT130, P525DX, Rider 1030, RZ4221BF, RZ4222F, RZ4621, RZ4622, RZ4622TBF, RZ4623, RZ46i, RZ4824F, RZ4824TFBF, RZ5424, RZ5424T, RZ5426, RZ54i, ST230 P, TC238, TC239T, TC242, TC338, TC342, TC342T, TS146TXD, TS148, TS148X, TS148XK, TS246, TS346, TS348, WH3615, WH3616, WH4817, WH4818, WH5217, WH5218, WHF3617, WHF4817, WHF5223, WHF6123, YT42XLS, YT46LS, YT48CS, YT48XLS, YT54LS, YTA1946, YTA24V48, YTH150, YTH1848 XP, YTH18K42, YTH18K46, YTH200, YTH20V46, YTH2146 XP, YTH2148, YTH2148 XP, YTH21548, YTH223T, YTH2242TDF, YTH2242TDRF, YTH2242TF, YTH2246TDR, YTH2248, YTH224T, YTH224TFI, YTH22K42, YTH22K48, YTH22K54, YTH22V42LS, YTH22V46XLS, YTH2348, YTH23K48, YTH23V42LS, YTH23V48, YTH2448, YTH2448T, YTH2454, YTH2454T, YTH24K48, YTH24K48D, YTH24K54, YTH24V42LS, YTH24V48, YTH24V48LS, YTH24V54, YTH24V54XLS, YTH2546, YTH2546TD, YTH2548, YTH25K54, YTH2648TDF, YTH2648TDRF, YTH2648TF, YTH26K54, YTH26V54, YTH2748, YTH48XLS, Z242E, Z242F, Z248F, Z254, Z254F, Z254i
  • Jonsered – LT2119A, LT2122A, LT2122A2, LT2223A2, LT2318CMA2, LT2320A2, LT2323CMA2, YT48, Z42F, Z48F, Z54R
  • Partner – P185117H
  • Poulan Pro – 541ZX, PB20VA48, PB22VA54, PB23H48YT, PB24VA54, PB26H54YT, PP20VH48, PP22VA48, PP22VA54, PP24KA54, PP24VA54, PP24VH54, PP46SZ
  • RedMax – RZT42, RZT48, RZT54, YT1846, YT2246


OE/Part Numbers

  • Ariens : 4387900
  • Gravely : 4387900
  • Husqvarna : 587241601, 179334, 400008, 414336, 471717P, 532179334, 532400008, 532414336,
  • Craftsman :179334, 400008, 414336, 471717P, 532179334