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Ninjasieve RDF 4T10-1, Automatic Rotary Drum Filter for Koi

Ninjasieve RDF 4T10-1

Ninjasieve RDF 4T10-1, Automatic Rotary Drum Filter for Koi Tilapia Pond, Fish Farm,Aquarium,Hydroponics, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Smallest Koi Pond Filter

  • 【 Pre-Filtration System】Ninjasieve RDF can filter fish food residues, sewage, fish excreta, algae and other debris as small as 74 microns by means of rapid mechanical filtration, which greatly reduces the maintenance pressure on the biochemical filtration module.
  • 【 Customized Cleaning Frequency】The backwash frequency is determined by the degree of water contamination, but the controller will automatically flush the screen every hour, and the time for each flushing is 20 seconds. Cleaning frequency can also be set by the user.
  • 【 Simply Design & Installation】Plug and play after connect the water pipe. Switch on the power make fish pond filter are running immediately, almost maintenance free. Product dimensions: L17.1"x W10.6"x H8.3", weight: 12lb. It's the most extremely tiny size so far.
  • 【 Suitable Ponds】The Koi pond filter maximum flow-through is 925GPH. Suitable for decorative Ponds: up to 925 gallons; ponds with a small mix of fish: 607 gallons; ponds with large numbers of koi: 396 gallons.
  • 【 Wide Application】Koi pond, tilapia pond, aquarium, restaurants, fish plant intergrowth, hydroponics, aquaponics and more. CE and RoHS certified, environmentally friendly.

Technical features

Model: 4T10-1

Maximum Flow-Through: 925GPH (3500 L/H)

Adapted voltage: 110V~240V

Input: 24V

Rinse Pump: 28W

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Water Inlet Diameter: Φ 40 x1

Outlet Diameter: Φ 50 x1

Sewage Drain Diameter: Φ 40 x1

Size: 17.1in x 10.6in x 8.3in

Weight: 12lb

Power cable length: 34in

Rinoo Ninjasieve Rotary Drum Filter 4T10-1 (RDF) is the tiniest size filtration equipment with fully automatic backwashing so far. The product is effective to filtering flotsam, sewage, fish manure, algae and scree etc. it’s helpful to filter impurities and clean water.

Fully Automatic with Little to No Maintenance!

Easy installation, complete set Plug & Play!

Finer Mechanical Filter: This filter is a pre filter system and can remove dirt above 74 microns in a quick mechanical way.

The 4T10-1 is tiny and reliable: The koi pond filter is a simple but a very efficient filter system for koi ponds and aquariums etc.

Energy Efficient: This premium filter line offers exceptional performance with very low energy.

Weight: 12.74 pounds
Dimensions: 18.78 x 12.99 x 10.67 inches
Model: 4T10-1
Manufacture: Ninjasieve