Robotic Lawn Mower for Precise Boundary Wire Break

Robotic Lawn Mower for Precise Boundary Wire Break Detection

Robotic Lawn Mower for Precise Boundary Wire Break Detection, Automatic Lawnmower with Smart Navigation,and APP-Controlled Systematic Mowing, Covering up to 0.25 Acres with 45% Slope Support

  • – :Robotic lawn mowers now boast cutting-edge C-ToF technology, enabling them to rapidly detect and pinpoint any breaks in the boundary wire. This advanced feature does away with the hassle of manual searching, as it precisely highlights the break location within the accompanying app. As a result, repairing boundary lines becomes a swift and effortless task, greatly reducing maintenance time and effort.
  • :Smart planning to create efficient mowing paths, employing a cross-bow pattern that ensures every inch of your lawn is covered. This method maximizes the mowing efficiency, achieving an impressive 90m² per hour. With MowMr, you can rest assured that your lawn will be perfectly manicured in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • :Rain detection feature, robotic lawn mower automatically returns to its base station when it senses rain. Once the rain stops, it resumes mowing from the exact spot where it left off, ensuring a seamless and efficient lawn care experience.
  • :Equipped with smart obstacle detection. When encountering any obstacle, it automatically raises the cutter head to safely navigate around it, ensuring the blade remains unharmed.
  • – :Comes with a two-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact us, and our team will respond promptly within 24 hours.

Weight: 23.6 pounds
Dimensions: 24"D x 10.2"W x 16.5"H
Brand: MowMr
Model: M1-GCJ02
Colour: Seafoam Green
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: MowMr
Colour: Seafoam Green
Origin: China

From the brand

  • How does our lawn mowing robot handle lawn boundary disruptions?

    With patented C-ToF technology, our lawn mowing robot can automatically identify and lock onto lawn boundary breakpoints, eliminating the need for tedious manual inspection.

    What is special about our robot's mowing ability?

    Our robot adjusts cutting height via an APP and automatically adapts its height and cutting power in dense areas for optimal mowing results.

    How does our mowing robot boost efficiency?

    With automatic path planning, it resumes from last position after interruption, enhancing overall speed.

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