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Super PDR Dent Remover Tool for Car, Paintless Dent Removal

Super PDR Dent Remover Tool for Car

Super PDR Dent Remover Tool for Car, Paintless Dent Removal Kit with Adjustable Width Bridge Puller, Dent Lifte, T-Bar, PDR Light, Slide Hammer for Car Dent Remover,Small & Large Hail Dent

  • Paintless Dent Removal Kit : 2 in 1 T-Bar Puller is used to repair Large dents. For big dents, you can use the puller lines to assist. For small dents, you can use the small tabs to repair. Bridge Dent Puller to remove Medium dents, also two ways to choose. Dent Lifter to repair small dents . The small rubber dent ding hammer for targeted repairs, suction cups can be used for large and small dents.
  • Fit For All Car with Original Paint : The bottom of our dent puller and bridge puller is made of soft material, so it will not damage your car's original paint. And our glue is easy to clear; don't worry about residual glue on your car's body. Tips: We are not recommended to use the repair kit if your paint gets damaged.
  • How to Use It : 1. Clean the dent surface and apply a hot glue stick on the puller tab. 2. Put the puller tab on the dent and wait a few minutes. 3. Place the lift puller to pull up the dent. 4. After the dent is out, spray alcohol on the tab and use a scraper to clean the glue. Following the above steps, you can quickly repair car dents, door dents, hail damage, and other dents. Suitable for cars, refrigerators, washing machines, and other metal surface dents.
  • Why Choose Us : Our dent removal tool easy to operate, labor-saving design, girls can also be easily operated, precision structure, solid and Long-lasting, the pull strong and lasting, not easy to deformation. Compared to other dent pulling kit, our paintless dent removal kit is moderate in size and easy to carry, you can repair dents yourself at home, or you can put it in your car and use it anytime.
  • What You Will Get: 1 x dent puller, 1 x 2 in 1 slide hammer, 1 x bridge puller, 1 x small suction cups, 45 x puller tabs, 5 x bridge puller tabs, 2 x groove of puller lines, 4 x puller lines, 1 x hot glue gun, 10 x hot melt glue stick, 1 x air wedge pump,1 x plastic shovel, 9 x tap down pens, 1 x rubber hammer, 1 x empty bottle, 1 x cloth, 1 x tool storage bag, 1 x led light board, 1 x instruction manual.

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  1. In the urban rhythm, we emerge as DreamCrafters, weaving tales on wheels. With precision tools and artisanal finesse, we transform vehicles into personalized masterpieces. Beyond dents, we mend narratives, mending both car bodies and driver spirits. Super PDR: where automotive reverence meets the pursuit of individual dreams. Every restoration is a brushstroke on the canvas of life, an ode to the artistry of aspirations.

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Weight: 8.78 pounds
Dimensions: 15.63 x 9.88 x 6.18 inches
Brand: Super PDR
Model: HUNAN-410US
Manufacture: Super PDR
Origin: China

From the brand

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