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Towallmark 20×25 ft Pond Liner, 20 Mil Thickness, Pliable

Towallmark 20x25 ft Pond Liner

Towallmark 20×25 ft Pond Liner, 20 Mil Thickness, Pliable & Durable LLDEP Material, Easy Cutting & UV Resistant, for Fish or Koi, Features, Waterfall Base, Fountains and Water Gardens

  • 20 Mils LLDEP Durable Pond Liner: Towallmark Pond liner is made of LLDEP material, which provides superior durability & flexibility while maintaining the ability to stretch. Meanwhile, 20 mil thickness is strong enough to resists puncture and UV radiation.
  • Long Last & Durability: This material is widely used for films that need a tremendous amount of strength to absorb impacts while not tearing or puncturing. Features with well UV resistant, which can hold up to the harsh rays of the sun, and also the tear and puncture resistant, chemical resistant.It can withstand extreme weather conditions for ensuring many years of continued use.
  • Easy to Cut & Clean: Towallmark Pond liner have good flexibility, make it easy to bend and fold to fit the contours of pond rocks & walls, Can be cut for fit different shapes ponds. Smooth pond liners provides a flat surface for your pond, reducing the soil accumulation. For better flexibility, Recommended to lay the liner out in the sun for 10-15 minutes.
  • Safe for Fish and Plant: It prevent harmful substances in the soil from penetrating into the pond and avoid pollution of water resources, creating a safe and healthy environment for wildlife & plants,which makes our rubber pond liner friendly and environmentally for fish and plants.
  • Wide Application: Our pond liner is a perfect for fish ponds, water features, retention ponds, fountains, waterfall and water gardens. It can be adapted to ponds of various sizes with steep or gently sloping sides, narrow corners, contours and shelves.

Weight: 38.1 pounds
Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 5 inches
Model: 01
Manufacture: Towallmark
Origin: China

Product Description

Towallmark 20 x15 ft * 20 Mil Pond Liner, Pliable & Durable EPDM Material, Easy Cutting & UV Resistant, for Fish, Features, Waterfall Base, Fountains


20 mil LDPE Pond Liner

Provides a safe & environmentally balanced habitat for your plants, and wildlife.