42 inch Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier, 80° Oscillating

80° Oscillating with Remote and Touch Control

42 inch Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier, 80° Oscillating with Remote and Touch Control, 8H Timer, Oscillating Fan, Cooling Fan and Floor Fan for Indoor Use, Large Room, Silver White

  • 【Bladeless Fan】 : No more rapidly spinning blade accidents for children and pets. Created super smooth breeze, provided ultra comfortable cooling and also friendly for babies. Therefore, whether you need a bedroom fan, office fan, desk fan, or dormitory fan, this bladeless fan is the perfect solution.
  • 【Air Purifier Funtion】air purifier fan works on H13 HEPA standard(speed 1-8).
  • 【Fast Cooling Fan】: Powerful 45 watt Brushless DC motor cooling element allows this tower fan for indoor use quickly heat up to 70°F in 3 seconds, 80° widespread oscillation portable bladeless fan rotates from side to side to generates more effective, immediate and evenly cooling wind for your surroundings, guards your family's warmth and happiness in hot days.
  • 【Quiet and Evenly Breeze】: This powerful yet silent floor fan is expertly engineered to produce little noise(only 20-40dB) that won’t disturb your sleep; built-in timer can be set from 1 to 9 hours for a good night’s sleep or nap during nights. The LED will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.
  • 【Multiple safety protection】: Auto-shut-off safety system includes tip-over, over- current protection. Over load system will shut the power off when the parts of the operation over heat, this indoor bladeless fan also will shut off once it is tipped over to help prevent accidents.
  • 【Easy Operation】: This bladeless tower fan is transported as a whole machine and can be used immediately without your assembly. In order to ensure safe transportation, we use very strong packaging materials.We also provide 24-hour online service, so you can buy with confidence.

Weight: 12 pounds
Dimensions: 42"D x 10"W x 10"H
Brand: Voagupa
Model: UML-046
Colour: silver white
Manufacture: UML
Colour: silver white
Origin: China

Product Description

42 inch Bladeless Fan and Air Purifier for Large Room Use

air purifiermotor
Strong power ensuring strong windflow

Robust Permanent Magnet Motor

Reduced Energy Loss: Permanent magnet motors generate less heat and friction compared to traditional motors. Higher Power Density: These motors boast a higher power-to-weight ratio, enabling them to deliver greater power output with a smaller physical footprint.

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Price $229.00$109.00$269.00
Remote Control
Air Purifier H13 Filter Negative Ion Negative Ion No No No H13 Filter
Nose Level 20-40 dB 10-30 dB 10-30dB 10 dB 10 dB 20 dB 20-40 dB
Power 45W 45(cool)-1600W(heat) 45W 45W 45W 45W(cool)-2000W(heat) 45W(cool)-1800W(heat)
Air Flow 1000 sq.ft 400 sq.ft 400 sq.ft 200 sq.ft 200 sq.ft 1000 sq.ft 2000 sq.ft
Sleeping Mode