5K Digital Camera with 64GB Card, Touch Screen & 10X Optical

5K Digital Camera with 64GB Card

5K Digital Camera with 64GB Card, Touch Screen & 10X Optical Zoom, 56MP Front and Rear Camera with Autofocus 6-axis Anti-Shake, Selfie Vlogging Camera for Photography and Video, Ultra Bright Flash

  • : The digital camera dual-lens video resolution is up to 5K (5120*2880), and the high bit rate of min 30FPS is smoother. Paired with the 16MP photosensitive chip and 6-axis anti-shake, the 5K video camera stablizes more clear shooting in sports or at night, and captures delicate textures. Selfie vlogging camera with front 5K rear 5K lenses is more convenient for a ratio of 1:1 restore shooting angle than flipping screen.
  • + : 56MP digital camera with autofocus, which can clearly capture landscapes or portraits long&near distance (macro up to 1''). The digital camera for photography and video is equipped with a 2.8-inch IPS high-definition touch screen, coupled with a simple operation interface, providing with convenient shooting settings and fast previews access. Professional photography camera with professional features!
  • : Since 10X optical zoom no distortion, and digital zoom will have obvious graininess in the picture quality after zoom, the 5K vlogging camera with 10x optical zoom achieves clearer high quality than digital zoom about taking zoom photos at a far distance. Digital camera with telescopic lens is equipped with an automatic lens protective cover, so you no longer have to worry about the lens being scratched.
  • : The digital camera with super bright real flash, with a range of up to 39.37 inches or more, making the night feel like day! The small-sized camera is equipped with 6-axis image stabilization and is suitable for travel photography. With a variety of filter options, it can perfectly and stably record clear night scenes, parties, ball game scenery or portraits., while being easy to carry and taking up no space.
  • & – : This multifunctional point-and-shoot camera with a 64G micro SD card can store large-capacity videos and photos, 800mAh batteries*2 can shoot for at least 4-8 hours, and the Youtube camera can also be used as a webcam to connect computer, etc., or self-vlog files transfers to computer and other social software. Any questions please contact our customer service team for quick answers.

Model: DC305X
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Yes
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1

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5K Digital camera with Selfie LensDigital camera for photography an videoPortable compact camera
  • What are the advantages of this digital camera?

    Unlike other cameras on the market:This camera adds touch screen, a more convenient selfie lens, and a protective retractable lens.

    Clearer pixels: 5K video and 56-megapixel photo quality, the CMOS sensor introduces Sony technology. 10X optical zoom without distortion

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    First-class service: 24-hour online answer, 2-year return or exchange.

    10-year brand: old brands are trustworthy

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