6 Inch 400 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 6 Inch

6 Inch 400 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller

6 Inch 400 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 6 Inch Carbon Filter and 8ft Ducting, Temperature Humidity Monitor, Rubber Coupler, Soffit Vent, Ideal for Grow Tents, Hydroponics

  • All-In-One Air Filtration Kit: An air filtration kit with everything you need to cool, ventilate, and control odors in your grow space.It is primarily used in various air circulation and ventilation projects to move and transport air.
  • Powerful Inline Fan: Made of galvanized steel, the 6-inch inline fan runs at a speed of 2550 RPM and produces an air flow of 400 CFM, with a noise level of just 35dB the maximum.
  • Effective Odor Control: Utilizes RC 412 Australian Virgin charcoal with 1200+ IAV and a 38mm thick charcoal bed for higher absorption and a longer life rating.
  • 3-Layer Air Ducting: It comes with 3-layer construction–inner and outer layers are made of heavy-duty aluminum foil that is fire-retardant and its middle layer adopts PET thermoplastic.
  • Round Soffit Vents´╝ÜWall mounted or celling mounted, perfect for bathroom, office, room or grow tents side exhaust and ventilation use.
  • 2 Rust-free Clamps: The kit includes a pair of clamps that are made of stainless steel, which are used for securing the connection between ducting and inline fan to keep the connected components in place.

Weight: 20.1 pounds
Dimensions: 16 x 9.98 x 18 inches
Brand: ONNAO
Manufacture: ONNAO
Origin: China

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ONNAO specializes in top-tier ventilation products, including grow tent systems, inline fans, carbon filters, utility blower fans, and flexible duct hoses. Innovating air solutions for diverse needs.

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