6 Piece Foam Baby Climbing Blocks, High Density Toddler Soft

6 Piece Foam Baby Climbing Blocks

6 Piece Foam Baby Climbing Blocks, High Density Toddler Soft Play Set w/Square Ballpit, Baby Climber Ramp, Foam Play Gym Step Stones, Crawl and Climb

  • BOOST YOUR CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT with our Kid Climbing Blocks. This baby soft play set uses strong foam that keeps its shape & a velvet cover that's kind to the skin. Both parts are certified by OEKO-TEX 100, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals for safe play
  • CREATE ENDLESS PLAY POSSIBILITIES by arranging the 6 versatile indoor foam climbing blocks into different configurations. When done using this softplay baby equipment, just remove and wash the covers, ensuring they're cleaned at up to 30 degrees Celsius
  • EXPLORE 6 PLAY SET WONDERS with these soft foam climbing blocks. Dive into the spacious ball pit for games, use the ramp for adventurous climbs, navigate the stairs to develop walking skills & jump across our 3 infant climbing gym stones to boost coordination
  • SIMPLE SETUP STEPS: Unpack this soft play climbing for toddlers and place them where you'd like them to be. Over the next 72 hours, our toddler climbing toys indoor will grow to their full size and be ready to provide a wonderful play space for endless entertainment
  • UTILIZE YOUR SPACE BETTER with our baby climbing set's square ball pit that fits neatly into room corners. This design gives your child more space to have fun and is a perfect present that will thrill them. For a minimalist foam climbing set, click 'ADD TO CART'!

Transform your little one’s play area into a stimulating adventure land with the Kindy Korner Foam Climbing Blocks for Toddlers — a thoughtfully designed play environment that encourages growth and joy in every jump and step!

Our climb and crawl foam playset includes a ramp that boosts climbing skills, stairs that promote step-by-step confidence, and three stepping stones that enhance balance and coordination. And unlike other circular pits in the market, ours has a square shape that fits snugly into corners, maximizing your space and ensuring safe play without taking up too much room.

All of these kids climbing blocks are made from strong foam that keeps its shape over time, ensuring lasting fun and support as your child grows. They have a soft velvet cover that’s kind on your child’s skin, perfect for endless hours of comfortable play. The best part? Both materials are certified by OEKO-TEX 100, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals for safe play.

You can reconfigure the toddler foam climbing blocks depending on your little one’s needs and wants, creating new play environments that keep their interest piqued. To set it up—unpack it from the vacuum-sealed package and wait for over 72 hours for your toddler soft climbing gym to fully expand to its playful potential. If there are spills and dirt, no sweat! You can actually remove its cover and machine wash them, allowing your little one to have a hygienic play space every time.

At Kindy Korner, our mission is simple: to create safe, engaging, and versatile play environments that foster growth and happiness in children. We believe that play is a vital part of early childhood development, and we are dedicated to providing parents with high-quality, thoughtfully designed toddler soft climbing toys that support this essential activity.

Transform playtime into a developmental adventure with the Kindy Korner Kids Soft Play Corner Climber by clicking ‘ADD TO CART’!

Weight: 13.2 pounds
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 12 inches
Manufacture: Kindy Korner
Age: 8 months – 6 years
Origin: China