9″ Portable Carplay & Android Auto Touch Screen, Wireless

9" Portable Carplay & Android Auto Touch Screen

9″ Portable Carplay & Android Auto Touch Screen, Wireless Car Stereo with 4K Dash Cam, 1080P Backup Camera, GPS Navigation, Mirror Link, Voice Control, FM, Siri, Bluetooth for All Vehicles

  • Wireless Carplay & Android Auto – Portable Car Stereo technologies provide drivers with a seamless, connected experience like never before. With a simple Bluetooth and WiFi setup, your smartphone can automatically connect wirelessly to the car radio touchscreen when you step into the car, and be easily controlled via the car's touchscreen without any data cables. Even older models can be instantly upgraded with a wireless CarPlay device for an intelligent transformation.
  • Intelligent Voice Control – Whether it's Siri for CarPlay or Google Assistant for Android Auto, intelligent voice control makes navigation, calls, music playback and other operations easy to accomplish while keeping your hands on the steering wheel, significantly enhancing driving safety and comfort. Making the car an extension of the smartphone enables drivers to enjoy all digital services instantly and seamlessly, upgrading the technology content of every journey.
  • 4K/1080P Front & Rear Camera – The infotainment system for car integrates a high-definition camera system that enhances driving safety and experience. The front end is equipped with a 4K resolution camera, while the rear end is 1080p. Not only realizes synchronized video recording in front and rear, but also improves the safety of reversing with a wide view angle when reversing. This car radio with backup camera upgrades the driver's safety and technological experience in all aspects.
  • Online Maps and Real-Time GPS – Utilizes smartphone GPS data to update map information in real time, eliminating the need for frequent manual upgrades. The large 9-inch display intuitively zooms in on map details to make navigation easier at a glance, ensuring safe driving even in complex road conditions and providing optimized route suggestions in real time. The touch screen car stereo is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, ensuring that every user can enjoy a precise driving experience.
  • Diverse Audio Options – This 9-inch android auto and carplay screen for car integrates advanced audio technology, compatible with iOS and Android devices, with seamless cell phone Bluetooth connectivity to provide drivers with a diverse audio experience. BT Audio, Local Speakers, FM Radio and AUX ensure that users can customize the perfect audio enjoyment according to their personal preferences, whether they are in a scenario where they are pursuing audio purity or convenient operation. ´╗┐
  • Easy to Install – This portable car audio receiver has a compact design, by simply connecting the cigarette lighter, it can be plug-and-play, without any disassembly of the car console, perfectly retaining the original radio, suitable for cars, trucks, buses and other motor vehicles. Equipped with suction cups and brackets are not only stable and reliable, but also can be rotated 180 degrees to flexibly adjust to the best viewing angle to ensure driving safety and viewing comfort.
  • Perfect Accessory – This car stereo with backup camera comes with a reversing camera cable that is approximately 8 meters long, ensuring that even large vehicles can be easily installed to cover every corner of the rear of the vehicle, greatly improving the range of vision and safety when reversing. The carplay dashcam comes with a built-in 64GB TF card, which means that users don't need to buy additional storage devices, putting high-tech driver assistance features at your fingertips.
  • ´╗┐Professional Service Team – Dedicated to creating a great shopping experience, we promise each and every one of our valued customers that you will enjoy a one-year unconditional right of return from the date of purchase, as well as a lifetime of uninterrupted technical support services. Please contact us directly if you encounter any difficulties at any time. We ensure a prompt response within 24 hours to provide you with professional and detailed solutions.

Weight: 3.03 pounds
Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.42 x 3.9 inches
Manufacture: Veralady
Origin: China

Product Description

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