Audiopipe 12” Double Stack High Power Subwoofer

Audiopipe 12” Double Stack High Power Subwoofer (TXX-BDD2-12)

Audiopipe 12” Double Stack High Power Subwoofer (TXX-BDD2-12), Superior Performance, 1600 Watts, Paper and Fiberglass Composite Cone, Air Cushion Foam, Multi-Connect, BASV, Long Lifespan, 2 * 4 Ohms

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Our Double Stack Power Subwoofer is engineered to include 2 magnets (150 Oz) for strong power handling and superior performance.
  • PAPER + FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE CONE: The composite cone is made from a combination of paper and fiberglass, providing optimal sound quality and durability. Designed for high-powered performance, this cone ensures a stable and accurate bass response.
  • VOICE COIL: This subwoofer boasts 2.5" 4-layer black aluminum(BASV) dual voice coil for high power output.
  • LARGE INVERTED COMPOSITE FIBERGLASS DUST CAP: The composite fiberglass dust cap of our subwoofer is designed not only to help with cooling and structural durability, but also enhances sound quality, providing superior low frequency sound with minimal distortion.
  • DEEP BUMPED T-YOKE FEATURES OVERSIZED PIPE SHAPE: This subwoofer is equipped with a deep bumped T-yoke and oversized pipe shape for improved performance.
  • DIE CAST ALUMINUM BASKET: This subwoofer features a powdered black paint die cast aluminum basket which provides excellent overheat protection, reduces excess unwanted resonance, and maximizes durability with optimal sound quality.
  • AIR CUSHION FOAM SURROUND: The air cushion foam surround enhances sound quality while the high excursion allows for maximum bass output. | QUAD-STITCHED SURROUND: The red stitching of the subwoofer greatly reinforces the cone and surrounds, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • MULTI-CONNECT TERMINALS: This subwoofer is designed with multi-connect terminals which allow for easy wiring of your subwoofer in either parallel or series configurations.
  • MOUNTING DEPTH: 7.375” (187mm) | IMPEDANCE: 2×4 Ohms | SEALED: 1.5 cu Ft. | VENTED: 2.5 cu ft. | PORT: 2.5“ × 12“ × 14"

Weight: 21 pounds
Dimensions: 7.4"D x 12.6"W x 10.9"H
Model: TXX-BDD2-12
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: Audiopipe
Colour: Black
Origin: China
Quantity: 1

Product Description

121600W Peak PowerDie Cast Aluminum Basket