Cables Direct Online Speaker Wire 14 Gauge, 500 ft

500 ft for Outdoor and Indoor Use

Cables Direct Online Speaker Wire 14 Gauge, 500 ft for Outdoor and Indoor Use, 14/4 CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) Stranded Bulk Audio Cable, Direct Burial and UV Resistant

  • Multi-Use Audio Cable – With 500 feet of total speaker cable, this bulk spool of 14WG audio wire is perfect for home surround sound and speaker systems, both inside and outside. The bulk spool makes installation quick and easy without the need to pull multiple wires and the durable, insulated, UV-resistant jacket keeps everything protected.
  • Perfect for Home Audio – 14-gauge cables are flexible, easy to route, and produce high-quality audio signals for home surround sound setups and low-powered amplifiers and speakers. Its balance of durability and ease of installation make this cable a great option for DIY projects. This low voltage cable can also be used with LED lights.
  • For Outdoor or Indoor Use – Bring the audio to your backyard, patio, or custom installation with direct burial capabilities for underground and in-wall usage.
  • Designed to Perform – Copper-Clad Aluminium (CCA) wires offer better flexibility than copper, with lower weight and similar sound quality. As a 4-conductor cable, this works well to connect volume controls to speakers.
  • Simple Setup – Quickly and effectively install your patio speakers, car subwoofer, indoor tower speakers, and even radios using the multiconductor cable which is marked with a stripe to show polarity as well as foot count.


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