Electric Pizza Oven Indoor – Karinear 13 Inch Pizza Maker

Electric Pizza Oven Indoor - Karinear 13 Inch Pizza Maker Machine for Home

Electric Pizza Oven Indoor – Karinear 13 Inch Pizza Maker Machine for Home, Portable Countertop Pizza Oven Temp Range Reaches 750°F,Stainless Steel,1800W

  • 【Fast and Customizable Cooking】The 13 inch Electric Pizza Oven is your ticket to delicious, homemade pizza in no time. With a temperature range from 200°F to 750°F, you can easily adjust the settings to bake your pizza to perfection. The indoor pizza oven reaches its maximum temperature of 750°F in just 10 minutes, making it ideal for quick dinners and spontaneous pizza parties.
  • 【Precise Temperature and Timer Control】Whether you like your crust crispy or chewy, the countertop pizza oven lets you control the temperature and baking time with precision. The adjustable timer ranges from 30 seconds to 60 minutes, giving you the flexibility to bake other foods as well. Enjoy perfectly timed pizzas every time without the guesswork.
  • 【Versatile and Easy to Use】This portable pizza oven is designed for convenience. Simply plug it in, set your desired temperature and time, and let it do the rest. It’s perfect for a variety of pizza styles, such as Neapolitan, New York, Grandma, and Frozen Pizza, from thin crust to deep dish! Make every pizza night special with minimal effort and maximum flavor.
  • 【Stainless Steel Durability】Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this pizza grill is built to last. Its sleek design not only looks great on any countertop but also ensures even heat distribution for consistently perfect pizzas. Plus, the stainless steel exterior is easy to clean, so you can spend more time enjoying your meal and less time scrubbing.
  • 【Perfect for Any Kitchen】The compact design of the pizza maker machine for home makes it a great fit for any kitchen, big or small. Its portability means you can easily store it when not in use, yet it’s stylish enough to leave out on your countertop. Whether you're an experienced chef or a pizza-making novice, this electric pizza oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal.

Weight: 22 pounds
Dimensions: 16.5"D x 16.5"W x 11.4"H
Brand: Karinear
Model: EG12-02A-18
Colour: Black
Manufacture: Karinear
Colour: Black
Origin: China

Product Description

Karinear Countertop Electric Pizza Oven Indoor

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Not only can this electric pizza oven be used to make pizza, you can totally use it as an oven to make more delicious food.