Noru Twenty-Eight 1-Piece Race Suit

Noru Twenty-Eight 1-Piece Race Suit

Noru Twenty-Eight 1-Piece Race Suit

Your Ultimate Track Companion!

Crafted from premium cowhide, CE-certified for top-notch protection, and designed for airbag compatibility, this race-fit suit combines safety and performance seamlessly. Stay cool with perforated leather and enjoy flexibility with accordion stretch panels. Featuring Armanox brand armor and replaceable knee sliders it's your ticket to dominating the track in style. Unleash your inner track beast.

Unleash Your Inner Track Beast

The NORU Twenty-Eight 1-Piece Race Suit is crafted from 1.1 to 1.2mm thick premium cowhide, providing a robust chassis with excellent abrasion, impact, and tear resistance, and it meets AAA EN 17092-2 certification standards. The suit is specifically designed to be compatible with airbags, featuring a race-fit design with rotated sleeves and pre-curved arms and legs to enhance performance.


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