ORION HCCA Series TN2 4.5” Super Neodymium Bullet Tweeter

ORION HCCA Series TN2 4.5” Super Neodymium Bullet Tweeter | Aluminum Diaphragm W/Flex Ring

ORION HCCA Series TN2 4.5” Super Neodymium Bullet Tweeter | Aluminum Diaphragm W/Flex Ring, 1.5” Voice Coil, 200W RMS, 800W Max, Built-in Crossover – High Performance Pro Car Audio Tweeter (Single)

  • BEST TWEETER IN THE MARKET: The HCCA TN2 stands as the pinnacle of tweeter excellence, reigning supreme in the market. With unparalleled clarity and precision, it delivers an unrivaled audio experience, making it the go-to choice for audiophiles seeking the utmost in tweeter performance.
  • TRUE POWER: The HCCA TN2 redefines power in the tweeter realm, boasting an impressive 200W RMS / 800W Max at 4 ohms. With its substantial output, it unleashes a dynamic range that elevates your audio experience to new, thrilling heights
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Experience audio precision with the HCCA TN2 and its aluminum diaphragm featuring a flex ring. This innovative design ensures optimal performance, delivering crystal-clear highs and enhancing the overall quality of your sound system.
  • SUPER TWEETER: The HCCA TN2 is equipped with a potent 4.5" neodymium tweeter, delivering exceptional audio clarity. Its neodymium magnet ensures powerful sound reproduction, making it an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking premium, high-performance tweeter capabilities.
  • HCCA SERIES: Orion's HCCA series stands as the pinnacle in car audio sound, reigning supreme as the top choice in the market. Renowned for its unparalleled performance and cutting-edge technology, the HCCA series ensures a premium, immersive audio experience for discerning car audio enthusiasts.


Type: Super Neodymium Bullet Tweeter
RMS Power: 200 Watts
MAX Power: 800 Watts
Diaphragm Material: Aluminum
Sensitivity: 105dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 1.6KHz – 20kHz
Package Quantity: 1
Replacement Diaphragm: HCCA TN2-RD

Weight: 3 pounds
Dimensions: 3"D x 4"W x 3"H
Model: HCCA-TN2
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: ORION
Colour: Black
Origin: China
Quantity: 1

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