Pedestal Fan Oscillating with Remote,360° Air Circulator

Pedestal Fan Oscillating with Remote

Pedestal Fan Oscillating with Remote,360° Air Circulator Stand Up Fan for Bedroom, DC Motor,Quiet Tall Tabletop/Pedestal Fan for indoors, Adjustable Height,12 Speed for Home Kidroom Living Room

  • SENDS THE COLD AIR TO EVERY CORNER: This pedestal fan oscillating offers a 3D oscillation feature, This means it can rotate up and down and side to side, ensuring that every corner of the room receives a refreshing burst of cool air. Furthermore, the 12-speed setting allows you to customize your cooling experience, giving you complete control over the airflow intensity. Cools very nicely, especially when paired with AC.
  • EASILY FALL ASLEEP WITH THIS QUIET FAN FOR BEDROOM: This quiet fan for bedroom creates a breeze on the lowest setting whilst providing a nice white noise for you to sleep to, its brushless DC Motor, paired with a custom blade design, enables it to operate at an extraordinary noise level of just 28dB and save your electric bill. The first four levels settings are quiet. It is still reasonably quiet(60dB) at the highest 11-12 level setting.
  • 12-H TIMER AND MAX 20 FT REMOTE CONTROL DISTANCE: This stand-up fan for bedroom has a timer up to 12 hours, so it allows you to set the oscillating fan to turn on or off at a specific time. The remote control is an added bonus, you can adjust the fan settings from across the room, saving you the hassle of getting up every time you need to make a change, especially for those lazy summer afternoons when all you want to do is relax and stay cool.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: ①Modern-looking fan, looks out of the ordinary and techy, seamlessly blending in with various interior styles ②Takes up a much smaller space than generic floor fans. ③.The base is weighted metal so it's not easily knocked over ④LED indicator lights could be turned off. ⑤Come with a safe plug. This feature ensures that the oscillating fan will not overheat
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD INSTALLATION: Setup was extremely easy, hand tighten the pole to the base, attach the fan unit to the pole, plug the small transformer in the wall outlet and you’re good to go,you can remove one of the riser inserts to make it serve as a counter/table fan if you like, this summer, whether you need a gentle breeze for a peaceful night's sleep or a powerful gust to quickly cool down the room, this stand up fans for bedroom has you covered.

Weight: 10.28 pounds
Dimensions: 10"D x 7"W x 41.3"H
Model: LFHM051SG
Colour: Gray
Manufacture: OGACFO
Colour: Gray
Origin: China

Product Description

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