Shoei Neotec 3

Shoei Neotec 3

Shoei Neotec 3

  • Shell: Utilize our innovative AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) shell, coupled with an EPS liner system featuring multiple densities, to ensure your utmost safety. Meets DOT FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • Versatile Flip-Up Design: Elevate your riding experience with the innovative flip-up face cover and face shield, allowing for easy transition between full-face and open-face configurations, enhancing flexibility and convenience for riders.
  • Enhanced Vision and Comfort: Stay protected from the sun's glare with the QSV-2 Sun Shield Visor System, offering a large, easily adjustable visor for clear vision in various lighting conditions. Additionally, the mist-retardant CNS-3C Pinlock shield ensures your vision remains clear, preventing fog buildup in all weather conditions
  • Optimized Ventilation System: Benefit from superior airflow and comfort during your ride with multiple venting and extraction points, strategically designed for efficient air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable even on long journeys.
  • Aerodynamic Excellence: Designed with wind tunnel-engineered aerodynamics for optimal performance, the Neotec 3 boasts a compact and aerodynamic shape that reduces wind noise and drag, enhancing your riding efficiency and comfort. The helmet also features a stainless steel micro ratchet chin strap system for a secure and precise fit, along with included Pinlock sheet, breath guard, and chin curtain for an all-inclusive riding solution.

Neotec 3

Open Up – Explore Ahead

Stylish precision on any road. Features innovative flip-up, sleek design, DOT approved, and top comfort

Neotec 3 Grasp

Tech Driven Versatility

The Neotec 3 Grasp featuring a flip-up design, eye catching graphics, & advanced noise reduction for adaptable riders

Neotec 3 Satori

Explore With Connectivity

Blending top-tier safety and a modular design while also allowing you seamless communication on your ride

Modular System

The versatility of this two-in-one helmet, combined with superior aerodynamics, an enhanced sun visor, and the seamless integration of the Shoei Comlink system, makes the Neotec 3 the perfect companion for two-wheeled exploration

Innovative Flip Up Mechanism

The helmet introduces an innovative Flip Up Mechanism, this feature enables a dual-functionality that meets the rigorous standards for P/J double homologation. This certification means the helmet is approved for use both as a jet helmet and a full-face helmet, offering versatility to the rider

SHOEI Comlink System

The integration of a communication system within the structure of a helmet has been designed to be seamless, ensuring that there are no visual or structural distractions that might detract from the helmet's original design. This approach prioritizes the maintenance of the helmet's sleek appearance

Maximum Silencing

The helmet has been enhanced with an improved cheek pad design that incorporates a Noise Isolator, engineered to provide maximum noise reduction. This feature is crucial for riders, as it significantly enhances the riding experience by isolating and minimizing the intrusion of external noises

New Developed Visor System

Center locking, easy handling. Redefined visor shape for optimum sealing. Minimized optical distortion

Superior Ventilation

Multiple venting and extraction. Closeable inlets. Insect filter inside

Enhanced Sun Visor

QSV-2 sun visor 5mm enlarged. Less light distraction, optical precision, EN1836, Smooth handling

360° Pivot Locking System

Pivot locking system made of stainless steel for secure locking of the face cover

Weight: 4.15 pounds
Dimensions: 15.1 x 11.8 x 11.4 inches
Model: 0120-0135-05
Manufacture: Shoei

Product Description

SHOEI Neotec 3SHOEI Neotec 3SHOEI Neotec 3 SatoriNeotec 3 Flip Up MechanismNeotec 3 Noise ReductionSHOEI Neotec 3 Superior VentilationSHOEI Neotec 3 360 Pivot Locking System

360° Pivot Locking System

Pivot locking system made of stainless steel for secure locking of the face cover