Smart WiFi Towel Warmer with Timer, Foldable Shelf, Smart

Smart WiFi Towel Warmer with Timer

Smart WiFi Towel Warmer with Timer, Foldable Shelf, Smart Voice Control 33.66*19.68 Inch Heated Towel Rack 76 W 6 Bars Heated Towel Warmer Brushed Titanium Gold Heated Towel Racks for Bathroom

  • ❤ Multifunctional Electric Towel Rack: Smart voice control, Constant temperature function, Timing function, WiFi function, LED digital display, Smart touch control, with 6 rod, with foldable shelf. If you are still worried about the humid environment in the bathroom, please choose our multifunctional electric heated towel rack, which can meet your multiple needs and bring more convenience to your life
  • ❤ LED Touch Digital Display: The smart digital display thermostat can clearly display the current temperature of the electric towel rack, the rated power is 76 W, the temperature can be adjusted between 86°F and 158°F, and the timer can be set between 1-24 hours time, making your life smarter and more convenient. 360° all-round waterproof, safe and worry-free, easy to deal with the wet environment of the bathroom
  • ❤ Smart WIFI Control: Download and install the "Smart Life" APP on the mobile application store or App Store, and create an account according to the prompts in the APP. Connect the mobile phone to WiFi, turn on Bluetooth, then open the mobile APP, add devices, and then you can set the constant temperature and timing functions of the electric towel rack through the mobile APP
  • ❤ Smart Voice Control: After connecting to the Internet, it supports Amazon/Google voice speaker control. You can set the temperature, time, and switch of the electric towel rack according to your needs anytime and anywhere. It is convenient and fast. Children and the elderly can also easily control the electric towel rack, bringing you a new smart life experience
  • ❤ Towel Rack Design: The electric heated towel rack with foldable shelf can meet your needs of heating anything towels. Its design is simple and elegant, and it is people-oriented in every detail. The first choice for a comfortable bathroom for the whole family. A variety of clothes drying, suitable for baby clothes, underwear, towels and other clothes, say goodbye to humidity, keep fresh at any time. It is more convenient to heat and store towels, saving space and having multiple uses
  • ❤ Premium Quality: Our towel warmer is made of 304 grade stainless steel, anti-rust, longer service life than ordinary iron and steel, easy to clean. It can be waterproof, and it will not rust easily in a humid environment, and there is no risk of water leakage. The electric heated towel rail heats silently, without disturbing your life. Keep your towels and clothes dry, fresh and warm no matter the weather

Weight: 11.5 pounds
Dimensions: 35.75 x 21 x 4 inches
Model: LNXGJJ05182
Manufacture: LNXGJJ
Origin: China

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Smart WiFi Towel Warmer with TimerSmart WiFi Towel Warmer with TimerSmart WiFi Towel Warmer with Timer

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