VHS to DVD Recorder, TV Record fome

VHS to DVD Recorder

VHS to DVD Recorder, TV Record fome VHS/DVD/HDD/VCR/Camcorder, Smart Phone wifi to DVD/USB/SD/HDD Copy, Wifi APP VHS Recorder【Comes with 10 free DVD-Rs】

  • 【4.3-inch LCD Screen 】 Equipped with a 4.3-inch 480P high-definition LCD screen. Can allow you to preview the video content of stored files on the product, without the need to watch videos of files on a computer or phone. Supports HDMI output and can be played on an external monitor (the converter does not support sound playback)
  • 【 Large Storage and Multiple Links 】 The product itself has 8GB of content storage and supports 64GB of USB flash drives, SD cards, and 4.7GB of DVD/CD storage capacity, making it easy to manage your multimedia files. The product supports multiple link types such as USB drives, SD cards, mobile apps, DVDs, and CDs for you to choose from.
  • 【 Multiple ways of recording and playing 】 Suitable for recording to machines through DVD, VHS, VCR, video and other methods, supporting multiple file formats for playback, including AVI, MP4, JPG and other formats, meeting various scene needs, suitable for home and commercial use.
  • 【 Convenient Operation 】: The operation is simple and convenient, equipped with intuitive buttons and a clear display screen, allowing users to easily play, switch, and adjust videos, making the operation more convenient and fast.
  • 【 Intelligent Control 】 It has a free application called "Friendly Memories" that supports I0S and Adroid. Users can connect to the hotspot of the burner through their mobile phone and upload their phone's photos and videos to the DVD burner for storage.

Weight: 2.86 pounds
Dimensions: 6.1 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches
Brand: Clariviews
Origin: China

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Clariviews CV Media Recorder