Water Slide Inflatable with PVC Pool for Water Storage

Water Slide Inflatable with PVC Pool for Water Storage Bounce House with Included Air Blower Water Cannon & Climbing Wall Water Park for Kids Backyard 13ft L x 6ft W x 6ft H Multicolor

Water Slide Inflatable with PVC Pool for Water Storage Bounce House with Included Air Blower Water Cannon & Climbing Wall Water Park for Kids Backyard 13ft L x 6ft W x 6ft H Multicolor

  • Note: The blower should remain on and continuously inflate bouncer during use. Airflow through seams is normal. [Amazing Entertainment Stimulate Kids' Potential] Bouncy Playset is the perfect size for your backyard. The pool area was a suitable size, could possibly hold 3 kids, and the flexible castle is more suitable for entertaining for single or multiple parties and feel a sense of achievement. The Slides full of children's fun, shower head spray , climbing wall, water cannon and paddling pool can bring non-stop joy for your little one.
  • [Pvc Coated Terylene/Laminated Oxford Terylene] The inflatable slides holds kids up to 90 lbs plus without bending or leaning. The heavy-duty climbing area is constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure it’s strong and sturdy. The water park is made of heavy-duty polyester fibers with double seams and double-layered lining to ensure stability.
  • [Ease of Set up and put away] Inflatable bouncing house is easy enough for one person to put up and put away. The castle blows up within 2 minutes. Also easy to deflate and store.
  • [Ensure the Safety of the Children] Safety is top priority. The heightened and extended handrail of the slides further enhance security. At the bottom of the climbing wall, an inflatable buffer steps zone is provided. The ground stakes are committed to ensuring stability and firmness.
  • [Excellent for Smaller Children]This is a good water slide for a smaller yard and elementary aged kids. Middle schoolers and up, it may be on the smaller size. This inflatable water park is perfect for your children’ gifts and holidays which keeps multiple kids entertained at same time.

Embark on a wet and wild adventure with our Ultimate Inflatable Water Park Fun Adventure Set! This deluxe playset features a climbing wall, exciting water slide, and a splash pool that can accommodate multiple kids for hours of entertainment.

How to set up

1 Find a flat level ground, no rocks, sharp stuffs etc, cover a large enough tarp. Unroll the inflatable in the direction you wish it to face.

2 Hook the inflation tube to the blower unit making sure the tube is not twisted. Disconnect the blower from the power source when moving the slide.

3 Switch power on, water park should be consistently blown by blower, air in and out is normal. Do not try to seal or repair seams.

4 Make sure the hose assembly is attached to the water park.

Connect the tubing to the hook and loop closures down the side of the inflatable.

Connect the single – Outlet sprayer to the top.

Attach the garden hose to the end of the tubing assembly.

5 Once water park is inflated, attach the water bag which is completely full with water to the plastic connectors at the base of the water park.

6 Once attached, fill the anchor bag with water until it is completely full.

NOTE: The water anchor bag needs to be attached to the water park whether or not the water sprayer is used. The water anchor bag prevents the water park from toppling over when people climb on it.

How to take down

Just turn off the blower and let it deflates on its own and store it to the carrying bag (included).


A 1 inflatable water park

B 4 stakes

C 1 storage bag/carrying bag

D 1 blower

F 1 hose assembly kit

G 1 water anchor bag

H 1 repair kit/patches

I 1 hose connector

Create lasting memories with your loved ones and enjoy the summer with our Inflatable Water Slide Fun Pack!

Weight: 20 pounds
Dimensions: 156"L x 72"W x 72"H
Manufacture: Eypye
Age: 3 years and up
Origin: China